09 April 2011

half of a noah baumbach film

it's saturday and you know what that means! yep, i'm dodging phone calls from weird food guy and explaining how to print only what you've selected at work. i'm also learning that i can't quite function on five hours of sleep like i used to. *yawn*

i really just wanted to pop in and show you something super cute that i picked up at an estate sale on thursday morning.

hee! it's too much! i spotted this cutie in an online photo cluster of items up for sale at an estate in dallas (i always do a bit of research the night before and make up lists and maps). the sale opened at ten o'clock and i arrived at 9:25 to find at least fifty people ahead of me.

because the sale had so much fine jewelry, the estate sale company utilized a bit of crowd control in the form of only letting five or ten people in at a time. cut to a 45-minute wait before i was allowed in. once inside, i had to wait my turn at the jewelry section, where i happily found my whale to still be up for grabs. hoorah!

he (because, obviously, gender is assigned to necklace pendants) came on a child's length chain, so i had to get something a bit longer. as i didn't have any spare necklaces at home, i checked my local thrift store, but no luck. i was meeting my friend at the mall later, so i decided to go to icing.

can i just say that i never, ever want to have to go into that store again? unless i'm with a niece or somebody under the age of ten. even then, i'm still not sold. but i got my chain and i'm so happy with my little buddy.


  1. Estate sales are madhouses like that here in Chicago too-- luckily people often overlook the items I like! Love your whale pendant, I've been into marine animal/fish jewelry lately (I actually have a whale pin that looks a lot like your pendant).

  2. i usually get to sales earlier because i expect a line, but fifty people! that's one crazy long line. and by the time i got in, there were fifty people (or more) behind me. i am quite happy nobody spotted the cute factor of that whale before i did!

  3. That is a cute necklace! I have a similar whale in pin form, he is pink with rhinestone bubbles coming outta his mouth. Its too cute :-)

  4. Cute! And I love the title of this post. ;)