10 April 2011

music // guster

i had the best time with friends and family this weekend and, as usual, sunday night has come way too quickly. after a great lunch at the spiral diner with my friend sara and her boyfriend on friday afternoon, i headed back to downtown dallas with my friend and her brother to catch jukebox the ghost opening for guster.

the show was at house of blues and here's a nice little tip if you ever catch a show at one of their venues: eat dinner in their restaurant first. if you spend at least $15/person in food and/or drink, you don't have to wait in line to get in the show. you get to cut through the building and you are escorted in before everybody queuing. score.

i'd heard jukebox the ghost from a hear ya live session a few years ago and i thought they put on a pretty great show.

their second-to-last song was a hilarious donna lewis cover dedicated to the guys in guster. *giggles*

i have to admit that i'm not fully aware of guster's complete catalog of work. my friend introduced me a few years ago and i've always enjoyed hearing their music, which some describe as alternative or folk rock or, tidily enough, folk alternative.

however they're labeled, i did pick up on one fact quite quickly. guster have an amazing cult following with extremely loyal fans. every song was sung in full force by the entire audience. most shows i go to have (maybe) one or two songs that everybody knows. friday night's show was nearly two hours of singalong awesomeness.

i was quite happy when they played the song that originally pulled me in. i love satellite - it's just a catchy, upbeat, and sweet song. does there need to be anything else?

if you're not familiar with guster, check out some of their videos on you tube - they're always completely original, interesting, and entertaining.

i hope you had a great weekend! i'll be back to share some vintage store love soon, but right now i need to cram for a presentation i have to give to the city manager tomorrow. it seriously feels like it's grad school all over again!


  1. Love Guster. Or at least, their older stuff. I listened to a lot of it in college. They have a huge north eastern college crowd following. I saw them live too once—they played the UMass Spring Concert along with 50 Cent (yes, weird). I loved watching the drummer on the bongos. The speed of his hands was insane!

  2. i too loved guster back in the day and didn't really know they were still around. thanks for this! they still sound good :)