22 April 2011

my hipstamatic (earth) day // 04.22.2011

happy earth day! i hope you're able to get outside and enjoy nature today. keith and i had our garage sale this morning and, despite forecasts of thunderstorms all day, it turned out to be perfect weather.

i am far from having a green thumb (my supervisee has to water the one plant in my office because i always forget), but i am definitely an admirer of blooming gardens. keith is trying to convince me that as soon as i have a house, i'll be outside in the dirt everyday. i'm skeptical, but i have to admit the scent of his roses was quite pleasant.

i literally just now noticed that two of the flowers have spiders on them. and that's why i think i'll leave gardening to others.  


  1. at least there were no tarantulas :)

  2. Lovely. And I hope the garage sale went well. :)

  3. But spiders are good! Those flowers are amazing, especially the blue and white star bust ones. I guess I blinked and missed earth day! I'll have to go hug a tree to make up for that :-) Have a great day!