20 April 2011

architectural ambition

straight away, let me just say that this is a completely self-indulgent post. remember how much i love the royal tenenbaums and their house at 111 archer avenue? remember how i mentioned that i used to doodle floor plans on graph paper when i was ten or so?

well... i found my beloved floor plans the other day while cleaning for an upcoming garage sale with keith. they were tucked into an old school folder and as soon as i saw the faded yellow color under a pile of papers, i knew what was inside. and i was giddy.

here's an example of an early work, if you will. for some reason, i always included a small home office for a psychiatrist (i was really into growing pains and i liked that dr. seaver worked from home). i also like how i added fringe to all the rugs. heh.

one summer, we went to florida and my cousin drew saw me drawing and requested his own house. he was a pretty cool and wacky kid, so i made it a super fun place to live. my perspective could use a little work, yes? those floor lamps in the living room look a tad wonky.

this was supposed to be a private boarding school for five musicians. oddly enough, i only made two bedrooms. and there's a bathroom in the kitchen.

this house was special because this is where i was going to live with my 7th grade crush, who just happened to like hockey. we were going to be so happy. and we were going to have a ton of kids, apparently. i loved the idea of an indoor/outdoor fountain and the wraparound porch.

eventually, i got more sophisticated and began to include landscaping. i think this was supposed to be the house from wait till helen comes

this was my absolute favorite, though. in my mind, i can still picture imagining how awesome it would be to have a sunken living room. notice the home office and the indoor/outdoor fountain. i guess i had definite ideas about what should be in my house.

looking through these drawings brings back so many happy memories! i absolutely loved planning out different spaces and i was convinced that i would be an architect or an interior designer. i did start college as an interior design major, but realized quickly enough that i liked to decorate for me, not for others.

thanks for indulging fond recollections of my architectural ambitions!


  1. I used to do this, too! And then I'd go through catalogs and pick out furnishings and stuff, and make detailed room-by-room lists with paint colors and everything. I wish I'd saved some of mine! These are great.

  2. these are awesome megan! love that you still have them!

  3. Haha, what great work! I should go troll through my mom's house to see if I can find anything I created when I was younger.

  4. I used to do this too! I think as a grown up you should draw the house from Royal Tenenbaums, I'd love to see a floor plan for that place!