11 April 2011

cool stuff for cool people

my oldest niece, who is a junior in high school (a fact that absolutely blows my mind), mentioned a few months ago that when it came time to shop for prom dresses, she wanted to consider vintage choices. i immediately suggested that we stop in at lula b's, an antique mall specializing in mid century designs, vintage clothing, kitschy home decor, and just eclectic awesomeness in general.

lula b's is one of my favorite spots in dallas because:

there's always colorful stacks of pyrex.

there's also always a good chance of finding a pink suitcase. i don't need another one, but it's always good to know where to find essentials, no?

vintage globes add cheerful pops of school day nostalgia in almost every booth.

there's usually loads of paint by numbers, a real weakness for me.

underneath this western wear sign?

miles of texas-sized foot fashion. can i just say how much i love the patchwork boots at the far left? i do.

there's charming bric-a-brac at every turn.

and amazing furniture, too.

this would be the perfect size dining set for my small apartment.

i really wanted to take home this pink chair, but i was strong and focused on why we were really there.

and that was for vintage clothing. formal frocks to be exact.

 how cute is my niece?

and how pretty is my sister? even in a slightly puffy, extremely colorful, big-collared, uh, dress? we weren't quite sure if this was meant to be worn outside of the house or not. 

even though the prom dress she ended up getting wasn't vintage (who doesn't want to go to prom in a peach cape dress?), we all had a great time.

and we did end up getting something! i got these amazing vintage boots for my niece as an early birthday present. my sister has already claimed dibs on borrowing them and i just might have to, as well.

are there any dreamy vintage places near you? please share!


  1. I'd love to go vintage shopping in Texas, especially with all those cowboy boots! I wish I'd been into vintage fashion in high school, it would have been amazing to wear a little '50s tiered dress.

  2. I know I said it the last time you posted about thrifting but dude, you guys have the BEST vintage/thrift shops there !!!!!!!! I'm sooooo incredibly jealous I could die. DIE I SAY !!!!!!!!!

    All the Pyrex & all the suitcases. Oh my.


  3. Super cute! I'm definitely going to have to make a trip to Lula B's next time I'm in Dallas. And it's so great you have so much fun with your family!

    Side note: I keep wanting to call it Lulu B's because there is a (delicious Vietnamese sandwich) food truck by that name here in Austin. :)

  4. So everything is Texas is bigger? Even the Antique Malls! Man o' man there is a lot of stuff in those pictures I wanna bring home. I don't know how you resisted. Your niece is darling. I think she should mail me those boots though. *drool*

  5. My LORD! I wish we had a store like that here where I abide! It looks AMAZING. The boots that caught my eye were the ones with the zebra print tops and floral leopard bottoms. (TO DIE FOR)
    Your Niece & Sister are beautiful.

  6. this place looks amaaazing!