27 June 2011

thrift store finds // 06.27.2011

i haven't had a monday off in awhile, so i took advantage of today by (what else?) hitting up a few thrift shops. i went to five stores and found not a single thing; however, when i got home and looked in the back seat of my car, i realized i've been using it as a thrifted finds storage space (this is reasonable with a small apartment, yes?). i had a clear-out and found a delightful/disturbing trend amongst the items.

i will always be a pisces, despite the astrological nonsense announced earlier this year. my sister shook her head at this slightly unsightly find.

i think i bought this because it reminded me of texas. i don't know how i feel about it post-purchase.

i'm conflicted on this little lady. i've never been a holly hobby fan, but i cannot deny the appeal of that striped floral background. it makes me squee a bit.

i may be undecided about the others, but i totally love this small sentiment

i obviously cannot leave behind embroidered pieces or what i've come to call yarn art. i already have too many pieces hanging in my apartment and i have nowhere to hang these new additions. maybe some will make their way to the shop?

to prove my devotion to this art form, here is a book i bought this weekend.

yes, i originally picked it up because my beloved grandpa called me muggins. but the reason i paid for it instead of just having a sentimental moment or two?

this illustration on the first page. it's foolishness, i tell you! but, seriously, how happy would i be to find a real-life framed yarn art in those colors and in that style? the dainty squid is sooo lucky...

have you found anything great lately? or stumbled upon any personal trends? let's hear them!


  1. Muggins is so cute! And quite the decorator! :) I think that your yarn are pieces are lovely. My personal trend lately has been old cookbooks. A bazillion old cookbooks. My studio smells like a musty basement now.

  2. Eartha - Yes to musty basement smell! My apartment always smells like that and I always have to tell people it's the old stuff and that I'm not a slob. Haha. Old cookbooks are the absolute best - especially when they are illustrated :)

  3. These are wonderful! I especially love the "Home Sweet Home" farm piece.
    ♡ Brooke

  4. the home sweet home "texas" piece would look cute with a painted bright pink frame :)

  5. My little sister is into yarn art. I have a kitchen scene stashed at my house that I have been meaning to send to her. You just reminded me! I am at work for the next 45 min and I'm currently trying to decide if I will swing by the Goodwill when I deposit my check tonight. If I do, I'll look for some personal thrifting trends! ;-)