04 June 2011


happy saturday to you! seeing as how i'm stuck at work today, plugging along on a leadership board project, i thought i'd share some totally hip and awesome records i recently acquired.


in all seriousness, i couldn't pass these up at the thrift store. they were super cheap and i was drawn to the nearly monochromatic illustration style. i haven't even listened to them, but perhaps i should... especially the second one.

hoping your weekend includes something infinitely more adventurous than reviewing and editing the scope of services on a bid contract,


  1. I loooove those designs. WOuldn't they make a great album cover for a hip new bands album. Clever yet totally funny and cool looking. I would have done the same thing. Sometimes that is my downfall piles off stuff I wonder if anyone else gets how neat it is. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. these would be awesome covers for modern bands - great idea! i almost want to photoshop a few... i'm sure a lot of people don't get my piles of stuff, but i'm glad i get to virtually share them with like-minded people here :)