12 June 2011

a sweet wedding

i went to the wedding of a family friend last night and had the best time with so many of my favorite people. the wedding was in the cutest little white chapel and the reception was just a few steps away in an old train depot.

the decorations were so pretty and happy-making! i've thought about getting the ikea ps maskros flower light for when i move in the fall, but i've never seen it in person until last night. it's huge! but still awesome, obviously.

the bride and her mother really did an excellent job in decorating and thinking of lots of tiny details, like setting up a fun kids' table. my nieces loved it and, let's be honest, i kind of wanted to sit with them.

now let's talk about what really matters, shall we? the food was amazing. there was a popcorn station... 

with cheesy, key lime...

butterfinger (seriously no words - so. good.) and a kids' mix.

obviously, i had to try all the flavors. in the blurry background you can see some other forms of goodness: frozen peach bellinis and individual bubblegum machine favors.

sweets for the sweet. a literal candy bar. everything was so dreamy and though i almost always prefer savory over sweet, this table was pretty wonderful: jelly beans, several types of lollies, bubble gum, chocolates, marshmallows, gummy fruit slices, candy straws, rock candy sticks... too many choices.

after the cake had been served, this turned into an ice cream sundae bar.

ha! i didn't even notice that the chocolate-covered strawberries spelled out 'love' until i looked at my pictures this morning. again, the frozen peach bellinis were good...

the groom's cake was a huge hostess cupcake. awesome.

the wedding cake was a cute pink cupcake. or a 1-up if you are a gamer like my brother-in-law. score. (pun intended)

have you ever seen heart sparklers? it was such a fun way to send off the bride and the groom. such a great night!

and now if you'll excuse me, i need to go meditate to calm my nerves for the mavs game tonight. these last few games have shot my nerves - it's too much! *fingers crossed* that it all ends tonight (sorry if you are a heat fan)

what did you do this weekend?


  1. i pinned your photo of the love trays...what a great idea for a wedding reception!

  2. Adorable through and through! A nice fun take on the traditional wedding fare. I love it!

  3. That was the cutest wedding ever!