20 June 2011

my hipstamatic day // 06.18.2011

errr... i see that it's been a week. sorry about that, but it's been crazy hot here in texas and the cool breezes, along with my motivation to form cohesive sentences, have temporarily gone astray. despite insanely stupid temperatures of late, i managed to have a pretty cool weekend, saturday night in particular.

i met two of my favorite people for a fun and nostalgic late-night pizza dinner in a small town about an hour north of where i live and as i was making the 40-mile trip (listening non-stop to the head and the heart), i couldn't help but be enamored with the beautiful sky. it's been bone dry around these parts for almost a month and though a storm was looming, the sun couldn't be suppressed. it was quite lovely.

i arrived a few minutes before my friends, so i took advantage of the swirling sky and old buildings and snapped a ton of pictures.

i'm not usually one to exploit the cowgirl/texas thing, but i really loved this painted sign.

the colors on this wall were to die for...

as evidenced by my taking about twenty close-ups of the aqua, white, and red combination. painted brick is the best.

though we came for pizza, there was a babe's across the street.

if you ever come to the dfw area, please try to go to a babe's chicken dinner house. it is seriously good and kitschy and country and fun.

and some of them have dinosaur-sized chickens out front. win.

my friends and i trekked it out to small town, texas to eat at a place called the tomato. when i was in college, there was a pizza place called the flying tomato (later changed to the tomato) and it was the best local haunt for studying, having a few beers, listening to music, and watching the world go by. the pizza, of course, was exceptional: doughy, slightly sweet, rich, and flavorful.

sadly, the tomato closed a few years after i graduated (it burned after closing, actually) and a college town mourned its loss. but! it was reincarnated a few months ago and i've been dying to see if the new tomato could bring back a few college memories.

the trip did not disappoint. the pizza was exactly the same (exactly!) and the new place had a few old relics from the original flying tomato, including the jukebox and, oddly enough, an old trash container. i had the best time chatting with my friends for hours and listening to music.

though it was getting late, we headed back south to denton (my old college town) and walked around the historic square.

there's a great old theater on one side of the square. i need to make a point of seeing a show there someday.

we ended the night at a bar listening to live music, sipping beer and coffee, and talking even more. it was the perfect night (even though it was still over 90 degrees way past midnight - blah).

i ♥ my friends. what did you do this weekend?


  1. What wonderful photos! Texas has been nasty hot as of late and it's only June. Ugh. I know you are a lover of the finer vintage things, so I thought it was worth mentioning, (if you haven't heard about it already), that this weekend is the massive Round Top Round Up antiques fair in Round Top, Texas. I went with my mom back in April and it was AMAZING!!! We're going again this weekend. I recommend going if you never have. It's a bit of a drive, but completely worth it. Here's a link...

    ♡ Brooke

  2. Brooke, that does sound amazing - thank you for the tip! And, yes, boo to horrible heat in June :/

  3. What a great weekend! I didn't do a whole lot. A little laundry, a little grocery shopping, a little birthday party for a 3-year-old ... Very low-key. However, this weekend Colt and I are making a trek to Marfa with a couple of friends of ours for a brief camping trip. I am excited!

  4. Mandy - Marfa! I want to go there so much! I am positive that you will have an amazing time! Lucky :)

  5. I promise to take at least a few photos so that I can make a proper pretty post of it. :D

  6. You find the best stuff to take photos of!