28 June 2011

summer colours week // yellow

blooming (apartment complex) flowers.


i'm trying to drink less diet coke. la croix requires a little bit of lemon squeezy.


summer road trips that require the use of vintage luggage are okay by me.

it's summer colours week at poppytalk... and i'm obviously a day behind. i'll blame it on the heat and return later today with pink!

monday: yellow
tuesday: pink
wednesday: blue
thursday: rainbow
friday: red


  1. Yellow is such a great happy color! I realized that I have an affinity for orange...yellow's cousin. I love the luggage!

  2. Ooohhh... Orange is my total favorite. I'm sad it wasn't included as a day. Maybe I'll make up my own day for it!

  3. As an avid thrifter/estate sailer, have you any tips for removing odor from something like that bag? I found an awesome bag in my grandparents' house when they passed away, but nothing I tried would remove the musty/midlew odor. :(