14 June 2011

the exceptional internet // 06.14.2011

i cannot express how much j'adore jean-pierre jeunet (i've tried, trust me...), so i was quite happy to see my favorite design*sponge column feature his film delicatessen. the living in series always, always makes my day and i have to admit that my heart skipped a few beats when i saw the lovely items selected for delicatessen. i want to go to there. you should, too | via design*sponge

growing up, i always loved shel silverstein and his nonsensical poetry books; as a grownup, it's pretty cool to realize he had so many more talents, including composing and songwriting (and singing with johnny cash, apparently) | via hear ya

growing up, i always loved roald dahl and his nonsensical children's books; as a grownup, it's kind of a bummer to learn that he was cruel, condescending, and highly unpleasant | via boing boing

how much do i want an iPad so i can play antiques road trip usa? you go on antique shopping trips to earn money to open a thrift store. hello? can this be my life? | via freckled nest

i love this thought and this neon sign by robert montgomery. so pretty | via doobybrain

just... YES. | via neatorama


sfgirlbybay's newest curated collection is majorly swoon-inducing. typography and art. a perfect marriage | via sfgirlbybay

these paper doll prints by the lovely etsy seller claudiavarosio are just plain awesome. i looove the grey gardens set (keith!) especially, though i know she also has a margot tennenbaum set, too. tough choices... | via moddern kiddo

CH Presents: The Conjuring Arts Research Center from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

i would love to: a) work in new york city and b) work in a special library. to think i could have both! what a cool little secret | via neatorama

famous people hanging out with their vinyl. greatness. be sure to look at all the pictures, including (if not especially) the last one. | via boing boing


  1. Nice compilation! I super duper wanna play the antiquing game! Also, I love the celebs w/ records pics! ESPECIALLY the last one!

  2. Very cool things. Have you ever read Uncle Shelby's ABCs? It's a hilarious adult ABC from Silverstein.