02 June 2011

holy yum

do you like avocados? do you like pesto? have you ever wondered what a hybrid of the two might taste like? i can tell you: it tastes like a mouthful of awesome (if that's not an accurate culinary description, i don't know what is).

sara came over for a girls' dinner last night and she prepared what has got to be my new favorite recipe ever. oh she glows creamy avocado pasta is a delicious mix of buttery avocado, tangy lemon, peppery basil, and zesty garlic. the avocado cream (sans actual cream) was prepared in a matter of minutes before it was tossed with whole wheat angel hair pasta and paired with sautéed lemon pepper shrimp. 

it was insanely delicious and it's an extremely affordable and healthful meal, which is always nice. i will be making this for as many people as possible in the near future. you should too.

for dessert, i whipped up a batch of talia christine's mini banoffee pie tarts. every time i go to london, i make it a priority to sample banoffee pie from different eateries - it's my favorite british confection. i've tried making it at home, too, but the recipes i've come across call for boiling sweetened condensed milk for approximately three hours, which is both crazy and semi-dangerous.

talia christine's recipe is dead easy and super quick. the toffee portion of the banoffee (banana + toffee) was gloriously thick and creamy and then it's just a matter of slicing up banana and squirting some whipped cream. and, bonus, they taste even better the next day for breakfast or for a mid-afternoon blogging snack. i may or may not have just had 2 4 of them while writing up this post (sara and i reckoned that five mini tarts equates to one slice of pie).

i love collaborative dinners with my friends! it's such a fun way to talk, listen to music, sip wine, and relax. 

what have you cooked lately?


  1. I can almost lick the cocoa powder off that second picture- BRILLIANT! Yes, those were just incredible. E had one tonight without whipped cream or banana, and even he thought they were amazing. You know that's saying something!

  2. Oh wow. Those look great!
    Last meal I made that really wowed me was a thai-inspired soup of broccoli, green onion and bok choy and a little ginger.
    The gist of it is saute the veggies, add chicken broth (or vegetable broth if you're so inclined) and then some jarred thai green curry simmer sauce.

  3. Oh buddy that looks good! If there was a kitchen version of the gardening saying "I don't have a green thumb, I have a brown one" that could apply to cooking....them yeah, that's what I'd be saying there. Maybe its something like "I could even burn water"....anyway, I'm not a cooker, but I am sure an eater and that meal looks amazing!

  4. @Sara - I told Keith about this recipe and he tried it that night. He loved it!

    @Nick - That sounds soo good! I might have to try that next time I make spring rolls!

    @Amber - Ha, burning water :) Being an eater is just as satisfying as being a cooker!

  5. Wow, this sounds so delish! I might have to try it ... and not tell Colt that there's avocado in it, since he's not a fan. ;)