24 May 2011

my hipstamatic day // 05.20.11-05.23.11

i apologize for the photo dump that's about to take place (and why does it have to be photo dump? it just sounds bad). it's been a pretty great few days and i managed to catch snippets with my favorite app (that i definitely use way too much), so here's what's been happening in my little corner of the world:

rain. so much rain. but sometimes?


thrifting. i love the colors and design of this old sewing machine.

antiquing. kind of like thrifting, except i don't usually buy anything in antique stores because i'd rather have the thrill of finding something in the 'wild' (and for much cheaper).

loving old vinyl floors in antique and thrift stores.

finding a new best burger ever. square burger, you and your sweet potato french fries with garlic aioli are amazing.

finding new sushi joints (with absolutely ginormous bento boxes. good grief).

this piece reminds me of a terrarium.

remembering just how good mediterranean sea salt & caramel gelato is.

also good? pistachio almond gelato.

hanging out with super cool friends in dallas...

and getting to hear super cool music. the black angels, i think i can safely say, are my favorite band to see live. they're amazing.

laughing at animals who join you for dinner on the patio...

and trying to calm a dog who is terrified of thunder (again, so much rain).

enjoying the pretty colors of nature...

and begrudgingly wanting to learn a little bit about them.

and finally? (most importantly?) really loving essie nail polish.

what have you been up to?


  1. Aw your pug is cute! I really like the vintage game pic too. I wish I have been adventuring like you, I've been work work working!

  2. Can I hire you to come take photos of my life? I seem to miss all the wonderful little details.

  3. I second what Chey said. Gorgeous shots. You have such a wonderful eye and a lovely looking life. <3

  4. aw, thanks guys! i love to hide behind a camera, even if it's an iPhone. i need to work on getting bigger-scale shots, but i do love details!