07 May 2011

little (vintage) house on the prairie

i knew we'd be staying in a pretty great house in fredericksburg just from the photos on the reservation site...

what i didn't anticipate, however, was how i would be driven to the point of giddy shutterbug insanity (has this ever happened to you?) by its cluttered and rustic vintage style.

everything about the exterior of the homestead was charming and relaxing.

you had me at gnome.


the interior of the house, though... it was fantastic. i am determined to have a bright apple green door at one point in my life. 

Awesome vintage cups!

i think i might be the only person i know who would take pictures of cups and glasses. these are the small things that make me happy ♥



Vintage thermoses. Love them.

hello, vintage thermoses! i was happy to note that i had similar ones in my own collection (and i bought two more at a thrift store while we were there - my type of souvenir)

i found this exact little clock at an estate sale yesterday! it made my day.



i was most smitten with all the embroidered samplers and linens around the house.


but the thing that made me happiest and that i took at least ten pictures of? this amazing embroidered work. i look at this and think, "that would make an awesome tattoo."


  1. Fredericksburg and Johnson City are two of my favorite places in central Texas. My husband and I like to go on little day trips and most of the time we end up out there. Such charming little towns with super friendly people. Your photos of the house are great!
    ♡ Brooke

  2. I love these! I never would have thought to take pictures of this stuff. So clever and cute!

  3. What an amazing trove! You weren't kidding.