20 May 2011

the exceptional internet // 05.20.2011

let's celebrate the internets!

how incredibly brilliant is the cosby sweater project? very, i say. one clothing item per episode is artistically rendered and countless memories are brought to life. i grew up with the huxtables and i remember many of these remarkable knit creations, especially the asymmetrical shirt denise made theo. man, i ♥ that episode | via neatorama

hee! this wedding party portrait by hoffer photography is super awesome and super geeky. sometimes i want to get married just to plan a fun and nerdy wedding... | via geekdad

i had a dream about the london underground the other night and the next day i saw this beautiful luggage tag (by etsy shop of the fountain). i think the universe is telling me i need to go abroad again | via doobybrain

i usually prefer salty over sweet and when i do go the sweet route, i tend to opt for lemon. but a close second? banana. even better? banoffee (banana + toffee). talia christine, as guest blogger for elsie, shared a quick and easy mini version of my favorite british pudding. yum and drool | via a beautiful mess

i fell for this dreamy video as soon as i saw it on diana's blog. i think these boys would be friends with this boy, yes? | via our.city.lights

just YES. the world needs more awesome in architecture | via modern kiddo

you're lying if you've never fantasized about snuggling up in the dude's sweater. thanks to andrea rangel, now you don't need a lebowski to have your own (knitting skills are required, though) | via CRAFT

and finally, if you don't read chocolate and cream cake, you really should. this week's nerd news was pretty epic. i think i spent about an hour reading and squee'ing over all the amazing links mandy put together for this volume - she's pretty awesome.


  1. Oh man... great food pics! Now I'm craving some salted caramel gelato- NOMS. Must check out that burger joint, too! Looks amazin'!!!

  2. Such a lovely post. First, thank you for linking me! <3 Second, good lord banoffee sounds amazing. Perhaps after this who detox thing ... Third: I love that there are people in the world that think of things like the Cosby Sweater Project. Fourth (and finally): Colt was in a friend's wedding in January and the entire groom's party wore Green Lantern rings. There's some classic photos of them showing them off.