16 May 2011

music // poppies

when it comes to music, i'm pretty much indie. and post rock. and roots rock. and alt rock. and psychedelic rock. so, to sum up... rock.


however. there are just some times when i want to hear some bands and some songs that are slightly more pop than rock. i'm drawn in and compelled to repeat a track or an album over and over and over. you know those slightly sappy inspirational songs that are perfect for blaring on horrible, terrible, no good, very bad days when radiohead is just too depressing? i call those poppies (terrible, i know) and i thought i'd share a few of my favorites, seeing as how i have a feeling it's going to be one of those weeks.

and, yes, it's only just monday.

but things are looking up because i have keane, perhaps my favorite maker of happy songs! my real guilty musical pleasure is brit pop and keane fits the bill precisely. i think the whole fall of 2004 was devoted to their debut album, hopes and fears. so many fantastic memories associated with that album (and yes, i squee'd quite loudly when blaine sang somewhere only we know to kurt on glee. my secret's out).

snowed under is a b-side to somewhere only we know and i can't tell you how many times i've listened to this song over the years. perfect when you feel like you're overwhelmed with life and work (gah, so much work!)

waiting on the light to change by matthew perryman jones is a song i shazam'd a few years ago in anthropologie. can i just tell you how many times i have tried to contact corporate to ask if they have playlists for their stores because every single time i go into an anthropologie, i find music i love. anywho... i also discovered this slower, acoustic version of the song that i also adore.

if work permits by the format. a great song for when you're ready to move on with whatever's been dragging you down or holding you back. i had to laugh at the comments under this video about whether it was made using a screencast of windows media player (it's not, but close).

what do you listen to when it's been a tough day or week?


  1. Great songs, Megan! You have such quality taste in music. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I listen to a lot of actual pop when I'm needing a pick me up ('N Sync, Michael Bublé, etc.)

  2. eek! don't knock your music - there's something for everybody! and i happen to know quite a few 'n sync songs myself :)