25 May 2011

33 (a giveaway!)

i can pinpoint the exact day that 33 became my favorite number. i was a sophomore in high school and my sister and her boyfriend (now my brother-in-law) took me to a local college haunt to have pizza. a few doors down from the flying tomato in denton, texas, was a CD warehouse. i purchased my first copy (of many copies) of mellon collie and the infinite sadness that day and i listened to thirty three on repeat for hours. i loved it (still love it) and the number stuck.

sooo... i'm particularly happy to have 33 followers! of course, i would be just as happy to have 3 followers because, after many failed attempts at keeping up a blog, i finally feel as if i'm sharing the real me and i just wanted to say thank you so very much for reading my words, looking at my silly pictures, and visiting my small corner of the internet.

to show my appreciation, i'm having a 33 giveaway featuring one of my very favorite vintage finds!

up for grabs in this giveaway is a set of three vintage 1960s nesting paisley suitcases.

with summer vacation just around the corner, it's the perfect time of year for acquiring new kitschy luggage, yes? the three cases fit inside each other and have working zippers, clasps, and locks (key included).

the cases are a bright mix of teal, navy blue, purple, green, and mustard and each has a front diagonal zippered pocket. these are perfect for road trips, craft storage, or display and to give a bit of perspective, the largest of the three suitcases measures 17"x11"x4".

there *just might* be a few more surprises stashed inside the cases (a nice mix of handcrafted, vintage, and modern), so be sure to enter the giveaway! all you have to do is leave a comment below by may 31st. i'll use a random number generator to choose a winner on wednesday, june 1st. overseas? no problem - i'll ship internationally for this. and please don't forget to provide an e-mail address to contact you if you win!

good luck and thank you, thank you, thank you again!


  1. Z O M G !!!! You know how much I covet vintage suitcases so this would be SO insanely awesome to win! *crossing my fingers, toes & eyes for this one!!*

    Congratulations on 33 followers, sweetness <3<3


    spicecayke at aol dot com

  2. Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous! Congratulations on reaching 33 followers too :)


  3. Congrats on 33 followers!

    omg these are adorable. I have been on the lookout for some really nice luggage for my vacation next month and these would be awesome! hope to win.

    nerdle4life at yahoo dot com


  4. WOWEE! What a generous giveaway! I would love a shot as these beauties. They would look especially fab tooling around in the back of my old station wagon! *fingers crossed* Congrats on 33 followers. I'll feature your giveaway on my lil' blog, and see if we can get even more followers your way! BTW, 3 is my luck number so 33 is like twice as lucky!

  5. What a great giveaway! I love that you're doing it for 33 followers, too. I'm too OCD to ever think outside the -5 and -0 numbers. ;)

    I think I'd like to blog about this, if you don't mind. <3

    mandyannecurtis (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Absolutely aMaZiNg suitcases! I doubt these one would ever get lost during a vacation!
    Congrats on 33 followers

    VintageCoconut (at) Gmail (dot) com

  7. Oh my, what a WONDERFUL giveaway!!! These are super super lovely! Fingers crossed! Congrats on the 33!

    ♡ Brooke

  8. I made my way here thanks to Mandy's blog post today. I, too, am attempting to find myself as a blogger. At the moment, mine is just a big, fat, pile of random. However, I shall follow yours now!

    Also...these suitcases? Simply gorgeous. Loves it!

    - Ang

    angelarhelm at gmail dot com.

  9. Blogged ya!



  10. Those suitcases are SUPER lovely! Congrats on reaching 33 followers!

    cmanderson79 (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. wow i love them count me in!

  12. I was lead to this blog by Amber Von Felts, and wow, is this place cool! I could really use some vintage luggage. I also used to be a librarian.

  13. wee! a giveaway...how bloggy of you! :)

  14. I found you through my fav...ATG...even if I don't win anything I wanted to say how much I loved your comment about 33! I saw Smashing Pumpkins in college at a really small venue here, and to this day out of all the big name and stadium filled venues I have seen others at...I still tell people theirs was the greatest show I have ever seen. They rocked and sounded just as good, if not better than their album. That crowd had so much energy and moved like a wave all night. Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite all time experiences! Congrats on the newly found Blog-renaissance (did I spell that right?)