30 August 2011

the exceptional internet // 08.30.2011

andrew kolb adapted david bowie's space oddity into a children's book (no physical copies are available... yet, but you can download the full PDF here). does it work? if you're at all familiar with the song, you'll know the subject matter is a tad macabre for tots, but the illustrations are truly fantastic | via how to be a retronaut

from one oddity to another: willie nelson covers coldplay's the scientist for chipotle. the last headline you ever thought you'd hear? me, too. it's odd on so many levels, but one of those things you just have to see + hear | via stereogum

i continue to adore adalou's ware. wear. where series. check it out if you haven't already!

education first (ef) made a series of videos to encourage studying abroad. it works. i wish i was a student again | via uppercase

i've been poring over paint chips the past few weeks trying to choose colors for the rental house. now i know exactly what to do with them after i'm done | via how about orange

a nifty camera stabilizer for $1 - nice! | via doobybrain

fashion + dancing + london? yes, please! | via boing boing

eek! it's a bit short this time (and full of videos - now you know how i really spend my time on the internet), but i got it done within my dinner hour, so... yay?

back to work for me...

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  1. thanks for linking to me, i'm loving your blog! happy tuesday! :)