13 August 2013

watching // moone boy

any hulu subscribers out there? i'm going on my third year without cable -- best decision ever! -- and have found plenty to watch between streaming netflix, hulu, and amazon prime on my xbox. one of the things i love about hulu (to offset my annoyance with the same commercials that are played over and over and over again [first world problem, i know]) is that they have a few britcoms that i can't find anywhere else.

because britcoms are important to me.

these hulu "exclusive" series (exclusive to US audiences, i presume) include spy, whites, pramfacerev, and, most recently, moone boy. and can i tell you how much i love moone boy? so, so much.

moone boy follows martin moone, a lovable and eccentric 12-year-old boy from ireland and his much-older, always empathetic, slightly sarcastic imaginary friend, sean murphy, who is played by one of my absolute favorite actors, chris o'dowd. martin and sean conquer bullies, siblings, adolescence, and the corrupt altar boy gang in an endearing and often laugh-out-loud manner (man, that description sounds a bit like a tv guide write-up, but it's true. i am endeared.). and there's some pretty great guest stars, too - steve coogan and jessica hynes, to name a few!

i love that chris o'dowd is a writer and producer and that moone boy is semi-autobiographical. it kills me to think of how stinkin' cute chris o'dowd would have been as a weird kid growing up in ireland.

i just finished watching the first series and am thinking of re-watching it straight away. i don't even want to think of how long it will be until the second series is available stateside. i don't think i've fallen this hard for a britcom since peep show or gavin and stacey (and that's saying a lot because i love, love, love g&s and have watched it more times than i care to admit).

what are you watching? i'm looking forward to checking out the wrong mans next (and really, really wishing i could get a glimpse at twenty twelve and miranda)!

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