09 August 2013

file me away on a beautiful mess

how did i not post this yesterday, y'all?! my little ol' house was featured on a beautiful mess!! on a whim, i submitted a few photos for their 'at home with' series and was asked to share more pictures of tweed cottage and to answer a few questions.

well, i got to scrubbing (this place will never be so clean again. ever.) and snapping pictures and editing and worrying (because i worry about everything) before i said, "enough!" and turned them in. check it out.

i was a bit nervous to put so much personality out there, but i'm so happy to find that people get it. they get the jokes and the colors and the oddities and the crazy. and that's plain awesome.

if you are new here, welcome! i hope you have fun.

(p.s. fun story - that card game up there? what started as 'let's pretend to be playing cards' turned into a real-ish game of go fish, which ended in tears for one of my nieces shortly after this shot. we all went out for gelato after that, so she got over it pretty quickly. so thankful for a fun-loving family!)


  1. That feature is how I found your blog. Your home is fabulous and I'm really enjoying your blog!

  2. I absolutely love your home! It has really inspired me on how I would like my new bedroom to look (I'm moving to Texas in a few days). Did you make the quilt that says, "You're Weird," or did you purchase it? Because I love it and wouldn't mind getting one for myself! Ha! Thanks so much (:

  3. Hi Kayla! Thanks for the love! Yes, I did make the "You're Weird. I Like You." quilt - I followed an online tutorial for a billboard quilt by Oh, Fransson - I just picked out a quirky font (Blackout, I believe) and a saying. It's probably an intermediate-level project, but very do-able!

  4. So completely smitten with the floral blanket/coverlet on your bed (looks like liberty of London maybe?). Would you mind telling me where you got it? I've been looking for something similar for ages!!

  5. Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by :) The floral bedspread *is* Liberty of London fabric - good eye! A few years ago they had a short-run line at Target and I was able to pick it up on the first day. I just did a search on eBay and it looks like there aren't any up for auction now, but you can check back every so often... good luck!