10 August 2013

the many moods of mr. jerry orbach // shark week

jerry orbach is glad shark week is almost over. frankly, he's ready for the stress and nightmares to stop.

(as a kid, i was terrified of sharks ... and i still am. sharks and spiders. all creatures great and small, i guess! i admire their work and i know they are indispensable to the delicate circle of life, but, man... i can't be messin' with that.)


  1. The only thing I watched this Shark Week was a show about sharks in Louisiana, it was delightfully trashy & redneck. Love Mr. Orbach's costume, very creative!

    1. Thanks! I never dare watch Shark Week - too traumatic!

  2. Thanks, Serena! I need to get my next recap up - my favorites from last year are coming up!

  3. Oh my gosh I love these Jerry get-ups! I used to have a wooden tray with a vintage picture of a hungarian cossack that I hung on my apartment wall in lieu of a TV, and sometimes I would add things into the picture just to get people's attention. This takes me back in such a good way!

    I found your blog through A Beautiful Mess and was excited to see a fellow DFW-er. Howdy from Dallas!