13 December 2011

the holiday season // root beer float cocktail

i just wanted to pop in to share a quick recipe today. the hands-down hit of the party the other night was a root beer float cocktail made with marshmallow vodka. it's a cinch to make, a real crowd pleaser, and, if you give it a silly name like rudolph root beer or frosty float (see what i did there?), it's perfect for holiday get-togethers.

to make a frosty root beer float cocktail, assemble the following:
- root beer (i chose a bottled craft brew from world market)
- marshmallow vodka (i think vanilla vodka would also taste great - it would be interesting to try a homemade vanilla bean infused vodka, too!)
- whipped cream
- ice

pour the vodka and root beer over the ice and stir. my sister made the drinks at the party and she paired two shots (approximately 3 oz.) of vodka with 6-8 oz. of root beer per mason jar (16 oz. size). the drinks were on the stronger side, but they weren't overpowering (flavored vodkas can be deceiving, though, so drink responsibly!)

top with whipped cream and stick in a striped straw for maximum happiness. oh, so good, i tell you! and it gets even better when the whipped cream has melted down a bit and the drink gets a bit sludgy (that's not a good food adjective, but you know what i mean, right?)


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  1. Yum, thanks for sharing this recipe, it sounds super delicious. I also love your little vintage deer, they seem to approve of the drink!