02 December 2011

the holiday season // 12.02.2011

can we talk about how much i love christmas music? because i do. it's so darn chipper and happy. and sometimes it's wonderfully nostalgic and sad. something for everybody, right?

while you can bet that i am fond of the classic crooners and tunes, i am especially smitten with odd and non-traditional holiday songs. in a weird way, i've listened to these songs so much and for so many years, they have become traditional to me.

one of the first albums i listen to each year (who am i kidding - i listen to it all year) is sufjan stevens' songs for christmas. this album doesn't seem as odd and non-traditional as it did when it first appeared ten years ago (it was actually released over the course of several years) and i'm sure by now it is a staple of the hipster holiday season, but the first time my brother-in-law played that was the worst christmas ever!, i was completely mesmerized.

the album is full of unique renditions of traditional songs, as well. what child is this anyway? is another of my favorites:

and the tenderness of the friendly beasts is too magical not to share:

sufjan stevens' musicality is what has always drawn me to his songs and the same is true for this entire album - it's just a great blend of instruments, vocals, and emotion. if you're looking for a little something different this holiday season, give the curmudgeon who pored over the reader's digest christmas songbook in order to better appreciate christmas a chance.

what's your favorite christmas album?


  1. I love this album, I've been listening to it for years, and it's the most listened to album according to last.fm! Great choice for Christmas music indeed! <3

  2. I agree with Diana. This is a great album, and it's got a little something for everyone!

    Personally, my "favorite" Christmas album is *NSYNC's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Serious high school nostalgia, right there.

  3. Oh yes, and John Denver and The Muppets. Classic.