21 December 2011

the holiday season // pink peppermint popcorn

i like to make food for people during the holidays; unfortunately, i'm usually crap at it. i'm no stranger to those late nights (early mornings, really) in the kitchen dumping a whole batch of something into the trash because it just didn't work out right. i'm also the person who leaves things semi- last minute, so there's that, as well.

but! here's a recipe that is super easy and pretty much no-fail. also? it's really good. to make pretty pink peppermint popcorn, you'll need:

- two bags microwave popcorn. you want something not completely saturated with butter and salt, so i chose orville redenbacher's tender white. if i had thought about it more, i would have popped my own.
- one bag andes peppermint crunch baking chips. this is only available during the holidays in grocery stores, but you can find it on amazon year-round (at insanely inflated prices, but if you need a fix...).
- sprinkles. totally optional, but fun.
- two medium-to-large bowls. for tossing.
- one microwave safe bowl (not pictured). for melting.
- wax paper. for drying.

- pop two bags of popcorn according to instructions. put one bag in each bowl.
- melt the peppermint chips in the microwave. heat in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until the chips are completely melted.
- divide the melted chips between the two bowls of popcorn.

- toss/massage/roll the popcorn until it is almost entirely coated in peppermint. 
- add sprinkles liberally and toss a bit more.

- lay sheets of wax paper on a flat surface and spread the popcorn in an even layer to dry. try to avoid clumps and clusters.
- let dry for at least an hour.

- package and enjoy!

being a procrastinator actually helps with this recipe because it's best made right before it is to be gifted (or eaten) - wait too long and it starts to get stale. it's easy to make large quantities, too - just remember 2 bags of popcorn to 1 bag of peppermint chips. my niece and i made three batches in under an hour and it yielded approximately 42 cups of popcorn.

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  1. WOW! That looks so good! It is colorful and tasty. I love the sweet/savory combo. I really wanna make this!