13 July 2011

the exceptional internet // photography edition

if you know me, then you know i take pictures of everything (much to the annoyance of those around me, i'm sure). i just like to capture the world around me in stylish, nostalgic, quirky, and beautiful ways and it's never been easier for the amateur shutterbug -- there are so many great photography tutorials, apps, projects, and accessories around the interwebs these days!

here are just a few of my current favorites:

my new obsession is the gif shop app for the iPhone. the app creates animated gifs on the fly from still shots and allows you to upload your creations to facebook, twitter, and tumblr or you can send animated texts. win. i made this simple animated gif in a matter of minutes during an extremely boring webinar yesterday - giving the librarian finger has never been so amusing to me.

speaking of animated gifs, cinemagraphs seem to be all the rage right now and i so want to make one (weekend project?). cinemagraphs are similar to animated gifs, but a bit more refined and definitely more subtle. photojojo has a tutorial and from me to you is a tumblr chock-full of gorgeous and mesmerizing examples of cinemagraphs (like the one above).

i'm kind of in love with this iPhone case by drop it modern (reviewed here by totally rad!)

matt richardson from make has a short and sweet tutorial on how to create pretty bokeh effects in your photography. yes, please.

i need to frame this manual photography cheat sheet by miguel yatco. for reals.

hot day, hot dog, happy summer

i'm also really loving the diptic app paired with instagram; it's a nice way to combine my gazillion (give or take a few) photos into one.

and finally, in honor of polaroid week, here's a nifty little video on how the impossible project makes polaroid film | via boing boing


  1. Love it, love it, LOVE it! Thanks so much for the link to the Cinemagraphs...so beautiful!

  2. I just got sucked into From Me to You for about 20 min... WOW! Those effects are so darn cool! Thanks for bringing that and everything else in this post to my attention! Have a happy day!

  3. I just found out about the gif shop app this weekend. I haven't played with it yet, but how fun! Gifs are by far one of my favorite things about the Internet. :)