19 July 2011

estate sale finds // 07.09.2011

i say 'estate sale finds,' but really, i brought nothing home from this sale but snapshots and an imagination run wild. before heading to hillsboro to save the bottle rocket motel last weekend, i went to a few estate sales with my friends, one of which was in an 1887 home in a historic neighborhood.

i almost felt as if i were entering crotchety mr. pendergast's dilapidated manor (please tell me how much you love pollyanna -- i can't be the only one).

everything was faded.

and bare.

and quiet.

the house was full of the clutter that fills a home over 124 years, but i couldn't focus on books and cutlery and maps when there was such a haunt to explore.

there were so many small, out-of-the way rooms and views.

i was particularly taken with this room. as soon as i saw the tennis rackets and the suit jackets, visions of a melancholic richie tenenbaum, former tennis prodigy, filled my mind.

everything was a bit grey gardens meets the royal tenenbaums.

an eerie perfection.

i would have loved to have seen this place in all its splendor, but i suppose i'll have to settle for a ghost.


  1. Wow! That room with the tennis rackets and stained wallpaper! Its so darn spooky! I too immediately thought of Richie Tenenbaum. I love spooky old places like that! The pictures you got are beautiful. :-)

  2. Thanks! You can bet you would never find me near this place at night. It was creepy enough during the day (and hot and dark and stinky - no electricity), but at night? Forget it.

  3. So, so beautiful. Love these shots! I love the yellow roses wallpaper. And the water stains.

  4. im so glad you took these pictures

  5. I adore Pollyanna! (and your photos)

  6. So scary to stay there. Anyway, that was a great estate sales hunting!