09 September 2011

estate sale finds // 09.09.11

today marks the beginning and end of my weekend, so, to make the most of my short time away from work, i decided to get out of town and hit up an estate sale in west ft. worth. let me just say that the 60+ minute drive was totally worth it, as this was probably the best estate sale i've been to in a long time. maybe ever.

before i show you what i picked up, let's talk about the house. this isn't the house that had the sale, but it's the one next door and the whole neighborhood was filled with amazing houses like this. the house with the sale had a huge apartment garage, a basement (in texas! this is a rarity.), butler's pantries (yes, multiple), garden rooms, back-of-the-house staircases, so many closets (all with custom built-in, beautifully painted shelves and organizational cubbies), dressing rooms, parlors, and bedrooms. it seems like an exaggeration, i know, but it's not. it was incredible.

call me weird, but i couldn't resist snapping shots of the bathrooms. the tile work was gorgeous and each bathroom was covered in either yellow, blue, or pink tile from floor to ceiling, with matching sinks and toilets, of course. it was dreamy.

so, what did i take home?

a children's art and music book from 1945.

an amazing (!!) pink bag/purse. i am in love with the color, shape, and details on this bag. and it was only $4!

a cuckoo clock wall pocket planter.

this shell pink milk glass piece will be my sister's christmas present. i'm always looking out for items like this to add to her collection.

how to own a dog and like it. i had to get this book just for the title.

i think i gasped a little (okay, a lot) when i saw this polaroid sx-70 land camera with sonar attachment. it is in almost mint condition and it was a total steal. i'm still excited and can't wait to order some more impossible film.

 another loud gasp for these. i got all three pieces for $15, which is crazy good for an estate sale.

 a few pieces of costume jewelry. i love the orange enamel flower and the daisy circle pin.

 i think i'm going to use this burlap-covered bulletin board in my sewing/craft/office room. i love the lemons!

finally, this double gooseneck lamp is going to be a makeover project. i have something in mind and i already stopped at the store to pick up supplies. i obviously have no patience and have to start on things immediately, even though i should be doing other things... like packing.

did you find anything today?


  1. Wow you scored some real nice stuff!
    I love the pink egg shaped bag, snowflake pyrex, milk glass & polaroid camera.
    Also the costume jewelery. I hope I can even do half as good as you tomorrow when I go out treausure hunting.

  2. The polaroid camera is SO cool!

  3. I have an Polarios SX70 too, mine has the brown leather accents. That camera won design awards for its innovative pop-up action and clever single lens reflex. Back when I could just go to a camera shop and buy the film, it produced amazing pics! There is an added bonus of being able to "manipulate" the emulsion while the pic is developing and create crazy effects by hand! Oh yeah, the battery pack is also built into the film cartridge so you will never have to replace the batteries, just the film....which is getting pretty rare! Even if you never take pictures with it, it will make a great display piece!

  4. I went to a fab estate sale this weekend, and I was kicking myself for not going the day it opened. My husband even jumped in the big trash bin and pulled out wonderful things they had just tossed. Why they tossed them instead of selling them I haven't got a clue, but it sure was fun.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. I would be so jealous I'd have to hate you from afar but getting up close enough to check out your blog, I can't do it. Love your blog and am instantly your latest follower. Ps- no one ever lets me take pics at estate sales - got a secret?

  6. What wonderful finds! I love that clock!

    Xo Chloe.