31 January 2011

vintage wallpaper

this may sound horrible, but one of my favorite things about estate sales, and i mean this in the nicest way possible, is getting to poke through somebody's house. i didn't always feel this way - the very first estate sale i went to i was actually quite traumatizing - but over time, i've come to appreciate getting a glimpse at how people surrounded themselves, whether it's their clothing, decor, records, or knick knacks. you can tell so much about a person by their belongings and their surroundings and i find that endlessly fascinating.

for example, last weekend i went to an estate sale where there were three rooms filled with women's clothing and accessories from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s - it was fabulous! just from walking through these rooms i could tell the lady who had lived there adored fashion and glamour and excitement; i could tell she wasn't afraid of color or texture or flamboyance. this was definitely one happening lady.

i gleaned the most about her personality from the dressing room and bathroom, though. from floor to ceiling, the walls were covered in happy, trippy, and hippy flowers.

this wallpaper must have been from the 1960s, but here it still is in 2011. it was amazing. and this isn't the only time i've spied great vintage wallpaper at an estate sale. a few months ago, i inched my way through an extremely packed house (i can't even begin to describe the amount of things at this particular sale) only to find this cute pattern waiting in the kitchen.

sigh. so. great. if you feel like you need a little more vintage wallpaper love, head over here and be amazed.

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