31 January 2011

blog hopping

so, this isn't my first blog. or my second. it's my third. and you know what they say about third times and charms. here's hoping.

i was really inspired by this post at chocolate and cream cake and felt compelled to make a fresh start. i especially love the quote that headed up the post (i have a thing for quotes, as you may well find out): be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

that line of thought ties in nicely with the name of this here new blog: file me away.

file me away / in your heart someday / you just be you / and i'll be me, okay? a good song by a great musician from the excellent soundtrack to a wonderful film based on a phenomenal book by a talented author. aaaand that takes care of a few of my favorite things right there: music, movies, and books, although i'm not as vociferous a reader as one would expect a librarian to be.

some other things i'm a fan of? thrifting (i have an etsy store called filed away where i sell vintage wares), learning how to use my dslr camera, british comedies, watching youtube videos with a dog at my feet, technology, the magic of live music, crafting, exploring far away countries and cultures, cooking, my friends and family, pottering about in photoshop, vintage illustrations, geekery, and ricky gervais. i figured these are the things i should be talking about, yes?

i'm planning on book reviews, updates for live shows in the dallas area, photos of things i've eaten and/or cooked, a few crafty tutorials, thrifting finds and tips, stories from library land (there are tons!), and anything else i think you might enjoy.

so, if any of that interests you, stay tuned! and if not? that's okay, too - teh interwebs is a big place with room enough for everyone's favorite things.


  1. Here's wishing you a wonderful new start. The third time's been a charm so far for me, so I hope it is for you as well. I'm sorry I'm just getting around to stopping by, but I plan to stop back often! :D

  2. thank you! and thank you for being inspiring!